10 ways to get a woman to sleep with you

seductionEvery woman wants sex and if she says she doesn’t she is a liar. In fact, women think about sex just as much as men do and they talk about it with girl friends even more. Underneath it all, even the most proper of women are filthy. All a woman needs is the right person to come along and press the right buttons sending her into  sexual frenzy.

Here are 10 ways to get a woman to sleep with you:

10. Pay her compliments, it might sound cheesy but if you tell a woman how beautiful she is, she will fall for you straight away. All women want to be admired so put her up on a pedestal and watch her fall into your arms.

9. Plan your tactics. If a woman sees that you have put some effort in, she will be impressed. Make the date thoughtful and make it count; if you make her feel special she will want to return the favor.

8. Be patient, if she thinks you are just in a rush to get her in the sack warning alarm bells will go off and she wont go anywhere near your sack, or any other part of you.

7. Make her laugh, there is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who can make her laugh and feel at ease. If you make her feel uncomfortable is any way she will be out of there asap.

6. Flirt, it will make her feel giddy and sexy and those to elements combined is enough to lead any woman into a passionate embrace.

5. You need to smell good. I’m not talking have a shower before hand, I’m talking the sexiest fragrance you have. Don’t sicken her with over pungent cologne but make it subtle, girls get very turned on by a guy who smells nice.

4. Be romantic, it is every girls dream to be swept of her feet. Make her a nice dinner in your place. If you set the mood with nice candles, preferably scented and nice music, it wont be long before you are having sex right there on the floor.

3. Use your hands to brush her leg slightly or to push her hair behind her ears. Any physical contact, which isn’t over powering, will get her skin tingling.

2. Just like Cher said “it is in his kiss”. Women are suckers for a good kisser. For them it begins with this kissing, if you get that wrong it is unlikely to go further, if you get it right you just need to wait patiently while combining the above advice and she is yours.

1. If all else fails, just get her drunk, she will lose all inhibitions and go with it.

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