50 weird things to do in a public bathroom

Weird things to do in a public bathroomFor those of you who think a public bathroom is just a place to pee or shit, how wrong you are. There are endless fun things that can occur in a public bathroom, some weird and wonderful goings on that you would never expect. In fact, going by this list, a public bathroom could just about be one of the most fun places on earth. Maybe that is an exaggeration but you can pull some great pranks there.

In no particular order here are 50 weird things to do in a public bathroom:

50. Put your hand under the door of the person beside you and ask for a highlighter.

49. Compliment people on their choice of underwear.

48. Clap loudly whenever someone flushes the toilet.

47. Drop a tissue covered in chocolate spread on the floor of the next cubicle, then apologise and ask for them to pass it back.

46. Ask the person in the next cubicle if they have got any laxatives. If they say no ask do they want some.

45. Scream at the top of your lungs then sigh while saying “I’m glad that’s out”.

44. Say “Ew, I knew I shouldn’t have licked that, disgusting”.

43. Same as above except “so THAT is what shit tastes like”.

42. Try to make the drug deal of the century.

41. Start crying while screaming out “why does everything inside me turn to shit”.

40. Ask someone if they could help you wipe your ass because your arms are too small to reach.

39. Fill a flask up with yellowish liquid and squirt it on the roof, into the next cubical, everywhere except the toilet while shouting “woah, down boy”. This will work even better in the girl’s bathroom.

38. Ask the person next to you if they need a hand.

37. Roll Easter eggs under the door while screaming “aaaargh, they are escaping”.

36. Put your hand under the door of the cubicle next to you and offer the person a sweet.

35. Run out of the cubicle with no pants on screaming “free willy” then run back in.

34. Say “what the fuck is that” really loudly.

33. Pour fake blood all over the floor while exclaiming “oh, not again”.

32. Pour a bottle of water over your head then flush the toilet. Come out of the cubicle and say “I knew I shouldn’t have tried to wash my hair in there”.

31. Knock on all the cubicle doors acting as a door to door sales man.

30. Knock on all the cubicle doors asking can you come in for a sec.

29. Start asking philosophical questions and throw in “how do they get the figs in?”

28. Take a sneak peak at the person standing at the urinal next to you and burst into hysterical laughing.

27. Start a sing-song.

26. Sit on the floor singing rock the boat and ask people to join in.

25. When your finished peeing, hug the person standing next to you and thank them for sharing the experience.

24. Ask strangers if they can tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

23. Ask the person next to you if they have a condom.

22. Ask the person next to you if they have a tampon. This works especially well when you are a man.

21.  Put chocolate spread all over your hand then put your hand underneath to the cubicle next to you and ask for some toilet paper because you are all out.

20. Exclaim out loud about how you love the decor in the cubicle. The writing on the wall and shit stain effect is so artistic and modern.

19. Leave an egg floating in the bowl for the next person to find.

18. Ask if anyone has something you can read because you could be awhile.

17. Ask aloud if anyone has ever wondered what the Pope/ Queen shit on, or if they shit at all.

16. Wonder aloud “why is this hole so small”.

15. Leave the cubicle door open and sit on the toilet greeting people as they walk in.

14. Say out loud, “imagine taking a shit killed Elvis and he was a king. It could happen to any one of us”.

13. Fake an orgasm while screaming “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

12. Charge people for using the toilet, if they refuse say that you will accept a hand job as method of payment.

11. Carry a sign saying “surveillance in operation”, stick it under the cubicle doors to remind people.

10. Pour water over the door onto the occupant then apologise saying you forgot they were in there.

9. Kick in the stall door with a video camera in hand screaming “caught you in the act”.

8. Start confessing your sins through the cubicle wall.

7. Scream loudly “ahhhh I’m trapped”.

6. Dry your penis with the hand dryer.

5. Ask a stranger to give you a blow job for money.

4. Ask a stranger do they want a blow job for money.

3. Sing at the top of your voice and if anyone looks at you funny just say “I love the acoustics in here”.

2. Knock on the cubicle door in a panic shouting “quick, I need a place to hide”.

1. Walk up beside someone who is washing their hands; throw them a filthy look and whisper “it’s on” before pissing in the sink.

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