A Week Long Holiday In Madrid For Two, Flights and Accommodation, Only €174.84 Each

holiday in madridHoliday Specials, A Week Long In Madrid For Two €349.69

We all dream of jetting off into the sun but most of us can’t afford it. Holiday’s abroad are a thing of the past, until now. Just buddy up with your best mate, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbour, whoever and grab this deal for two for a week in Madrid from April 27th to May 4th.

Ryanair are having a seat sale and you can get a week long return flight for two for only €119.96. As for accommodation, we checked out lastminute.com and found a studio apartment for two at the special rate of €196.38. This comfortable, self catering style accommodation is my personal favourite and you can create a home away from home for the week you are there without fear of anyone coming in rooting through your stuff when they are “cleaning”.

Trip Advisor highly recommends certain attractions, museums and cultural interests such as cathedrals and specific landmarks. There is a wonderful mix of different bars and music spots to cater for every taste, my personal favourite find was one called “bar cock”. There are hundreds of things to do and see in Madrid, you surely will never get bored.

For day time entertainment there is water parks, a zoo, an aquarium and a Warner Brothers theme park, if you are not into any of the museum type stuff. Considering you got the week away for such a steal there is no reason not to live it up once you are there.

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