Abortion is “absolutely and always morally wrong”, Say’s the Bishop

thou shalt not killBishop of Elphin, Christopher Jones, has outlined the church’s opposition to legalising abortion stating the right to life of the unborn child.

Bishop Jones said to the local paper that there is sufficient medical protection for both mother and child under medical guidelines. He claims there is no reason for legislation and if there was legislation in light of the X case then “you would be legislating abortion up to nine months, almost to birth”.

Bishop Jones stated that the church would prefer a review of medical regulations and guidelines rather than looking at legislation.

According to the Bishop as the church stands it will never be any circumstance to which abortion would be considered alright and it is  “absolutely and always morally wrong”. He would not even consider the situation in which the mother might be suicidal or if the unborn child may have severe genetic abnormalities.

He said that the church does support medical intervention when it comes to protecting the life of the mother, even if it does end in the death of the unborn child. However the intentional killing of the unborn child is morally wrong.

As a woman I think we have the right to choice but with a responsible system surrounding it. Women and men also have a responsibility to be careful of their own actions and take the necessary precautions if they don’t want to get pregnant. Abortion should not be allowed in a case where perhaps a girl has come back on numerous occasions to get an abortion because she hasn’t been safe, in that case she needs the pill. Abortion shouldn’t be a form of birth control.

We should be allowed to make our own choice especially in cases where the life of the mother is at risk or the pregnancy has come about as the result of a heinous attack. Each individual woman knows how they feel in their own particular circumstance and it should be up to the individual to decide the best course of action for them.

The above view is my own opinion, it is a very sensitive issue and one which sparks a lot of controversy and difference in opinion. What is your opinion?

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