Attempt to beat postnatal depression by eating placenta

beat depression by eating placentaNew mothers may be able to beat post natal depression by eating placenta

Eating placenta is thought to be a natural way of fighting depression after you have given birth. Susan Stewart, from Pure Birth Services, based in Calgary and Southern Alberta in Canada, collects placentas, takes them home and turns them into a form of medication.

For the cost of $200, she takes the placenta, mixes it with lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper. She then puts it in a dehydrator overnight and in the morning, grinds them and measures the powder into gel capsules.

Within one day you can have your placenta returned to you in pill form. Every placenta gives about 150 capsules which last indefinitely. The promise of these pills is a renewed energy, better lactation and no postnatal depression.

The service has boomed organically, through word of mouth and social media. It is not a regulated practice and is described as more of a service than a product which mothers all across the States are going for. Susan now processes a placenta a day and receives help when needed. She annually attends a certification for people who handle piercings or tattoos, all her equipment is thoroughly sterilised.

From the sounds of things, this natural form of recovery is working, hence the rise in popularity.  It is an unconventional method which many would turn their noses up at but it is one which warrants some thought. Anti-depressants are chemically made pills which often leave you feeling low, sleepy and drained of energy while placenta is a natural organ from your own body which leaves you feeling revitalised. I can see the service gaining worldwide popularity in the coming years and becoming a regular practice for new moms.

Would you consider eating your own placenta?

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