Boyfriend Caught Out on Dating Site

man caught cheatingToday’s Agony Aunt Question Is From a Girl Who has Caught Her Boyfriend On Dating Sites

Female, 23, Needs Advice 

Dear Agony Aunt,

I’ve been living with my partner 2 years now and I have just discovered he is using dating sites. My friend set one up as she was looking for a fella for a bit of fun and found him under a different name. He has created his own profile stating he’s single and looking for a woman for casual dating and sex. I approached him about the situation and he promised to delete the profile and not go on the website again. So a few months later my friend checked again and he had recent activity. He doesn’t know who she is but she has seen pictures of him on my Facebook so knew straight away. She messaged him to see would he reply and he did.  What should I do?…Nicola

Dear Nicola

Wow, what a shit. I wouldn’t hold back on this if I were you. Get the fucker where it hurts, the balls. If you catch him red handed he can’t deny it any more. Get your friend to set up a meeting with him. Do it in a place where he cannot escape or make an excuse, like a hotel room. Get her to send him raunchy messages and lure him into a meeting. Book a hotel room and give him the details he will think he is in for the night of his life. Obviously you will be there. Hide somewhere, in the wardrobe or bathroom and let him get rope himself into a right mess. She can invite him in, offer him sex on a plate, whatever and when he accepts, which he will of course as that is what he is there for, you walk out and bam literally catch him with his pants down. Make sure you get a picture, put it on Facebook and prove what a sleaze he is.

Of course it would just be easy to walk away and leave him but this way is much more fun. Hopefully the picture will do the rounds enough that girls will stay away from him for a long time. Oh and while you are at it, set yourself up a dating profile for casual sex, you might as well get it somewhere.

Best if luck lady, you don’t need him in your life. Oh and don’t forget to send us a copy of the picture.

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