Band Bio: Midnight Roots

midnight rootsMidnight Roots are a threesome, a swinging groove of emotional energy whose connection take them much deeper than the music, if that was even possible. Laura and Emmett are brother and sister duo who have imparted on multiple music ventures together, which has brought them to various venues across Ireland. Laura and Diarmuid are partners in crime, in love and in song writing.

So who are Midnight Roots?

Laura O’Gara is a feisty soul singer both energetic and empathic. A classically trained vocalist she brings both talent and experience to the table. No stranger to the stage, she has performed for audiences all across the country. Her passion and unique flair presents an intense and exiting performance and when she puts pen to paper her musical apathy flows, like a river flows, she was made to do just this.

Diarmuid O’Hara is nothing short of your original cool dude. Playing lead guitar and backing vocals he brings the swing and groove into Midnight Roots. Like an electric fusion of rhythm and melody with a funky urban vibe, Diarmuid’s music bound with Laura’s lyrics create an original sound which is not easily found. Diarmuid has played with musicians from all over the world which has thought him the key to formulating that perfect tune.

Emmett O’Gara is the drummer and the cornerstone of this group. His keen ear for music means he never misses a beat. While Laura and Diarmuid lay the foundation Emmett cements it all together finalising the magic. He has been playing music from a very young age and has been a drummer in numerous bands which has brought him across the country to exciting places. A combination of charismatic and creative, Emmett is that special kind of drummer who makes your heart pound to the beat of the drum bringing you to life with the song.

Midnight Roots are a strong musical alliance who break confines of tradition and constraints of genre. They play music that fills you up inside, perfect for an intimate setting or to get a large venue rocking.

They are an original band with traditional roots, drawing inspiration from rock, country, jazz and soul. Their songs speak from their heart to your feet and before your brain can even take in what is happening you will be dancing along with those fingers clicking wondering what you were sitting down for in the first place. They are formed of three dedicated musicians who are set to go far.

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