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birth and death of Jesus

Day four: the birth and death of Jesus

Today we went to the sites of both the birth and death of Jesus; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Bethlehem Another early morning as we walked through the waking streets of Jerusalem. A freshness filled the air, the kind of special freshness unique to an autumn morning. We set off for our day while the city still slept;…

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Day three: Mountain of Olives and Garden of Gethsemane

Feeling positivity at Gethsemane The new day brought a new perspective and I was beginning to feel settled. Yesterday’s experience had hit me in ways I never imagined and my mind began to feel calmer; trusting things would be ok. As I realised it was alright to build something and no longer want it, I began to ease into the…

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Jews look over the Temple

Day two: Wailing Wall and building the Temple

Another early rise this morning but not as early as 3am. It was a 7am start with lots to see and do in the day ahead. The itinerary was jam packed with activities and not a moment to spare. Once we dressed and got breakfast we set off through the streets of Jerusalem. The theme of burnt orange cobbled stones…

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Reaching Jerusalem

Holy Land Day One: Reaching Jerusalem

Reaching Jerusalem and the beginning of the road ahead A 3am start from The Vicarage in Heath and Reach gets us on our way. We set off to fly from Luton airport. Something I still find humorous, a five hour flight from this small airport rather than the international Heathrow will get us to such a fascinating destination. The flight…

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sunrise and introduction to The Holy Land

Reliving The Holy Land – an introduction

An introduction to The Holy Land Tomorrow marks one full year since I reached The Holy Land and ultimately began a journey that was to change me forever. I went on this tour as a spectator. A spectator in my own life and a spectator in what this trip truly meant. I travelled with a group of very religious people…

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life lessons from Winnie the Pooh

Important life lessons from Winnie-the-Pooh

There’s so many important life lessons from Winnie-the-Pooh. Let’s go through them with love in our hearts. Winnie-the-Pooh was an important fixture in our house growing up. We watched it on television, read the books and loved all the stories. Even in our adult lives we follow Pooh. I have a massive collection of Winnie-the-Pooh stories and poems by AA…

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one stone down in six weeks

I did it! One stone down in six weeks!

From chronic fatigue to kicking ass, one stone down in six weeks One stone down in six weeks! I cannot believe it! With a lot of hard work, finally the weight is moving and results are showing . Firstly, please excuse the unflattering photos and big tired head. When taking these progress photos I never intended on sharing them. However,…

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alcohol free for an awesome life

Going sober – why an alcohol free life is awesome

Going alcohol free has been the best decision I have ever made. Here is why! In this post I discuss why I decided to go alcohol free and how sober life is awesome. Picture one April 2018. Hungover with crippling fear, face bloat and feeling awful. Picture two August 2018, a stone lighter and a lot brighter.  May 26th 2018 is the…

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The anxiety of scrolling

Following a four week social media hiatus, I describe how after only one day back online the anxiety of scrolling crept back in. Social media offers a global connection but often at the cost of disconnecting with ourselves.  Today marks my first full day back on social media following a month self-imposed ban. The ban was a result of confusion, conflict…

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2018 - the year of self-love and self-acceptance

2018 – the year of self-love and self-acceptance

My New Years Resolutions – being healthy and happy All photos by Brian McCann Photography In this blog post I discuss 2018 – the year of self-love and self-acceptance and how being yourself is the most important thing of all.  New Year, new me and all of that. We’re already two weeks into 2018, meaning already failed attempts at kickstarting those…

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