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That’s the thing about depression

That’s the thing about depression As someone who writes for a living, you would think it would be easy to write down how I feel and I suppose you would be correct. Since I was twelve I have filled endless pages with thoughts and prose; expressing how I felt on pen and paper was the easiest thing in the world.…

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ironman goals

Tri-ing to reach Ironman goals

Reaching your Ironman Goals Ironman Goals: Up to four years ago, the term Ironman meant nothing more to me than a fictional superhero character. Actually, if you asked me what an Ironman was I’m sure I would have assumed it was a race to see who could eat the most in an iron stomach type event. Over the past few…

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vegetarian diet

Why I became a vegetarian

The reason I became a vegetarian Nowadays you would imagine being a vegetarian isn’t strange or shocking, but surprisingly when people learn I’m a vegetarian I’m grilled with queries. The fascination with the idea that you don’t eat meat overcomes some people who want to know the whys and hows of it all. Becoming a vegetarian was a gradual but…

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Áine's Fashion Boutique Longford

Áine’s Fashion: The importance of having a stylist

How a stylist such as Áine’s Fashion can help you reach your full potential Sometimes in life we get it right, and sometimes we get it so very very wrong. This can be anything from boyfriends, to restaurants but most frequently; fashion. For those times when it’s important to stand out and make an impact, Áine’s Fashion is where you…

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tips for single women from 1938

Tips For Single Women From 1938

Tips For Single Women From 1938 Remember growing up when you were always told to “mind your manners”, what the hell did that mean anyway? Mind it, as if someone was just going to come right up behind you and steal it from you. Sure if you had bad manners nobody would want to take that and you shouldn’t mind…

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Rach Writes Stuff makes the Blog Award finals

Rach Writes Stuff named one of the top ten best entertainment blogs in Ireland To say I am thrilled is an understatement. To be named as one of the top ten entertainment blogs in Ireland is pretty mind-blowing. These past few months have been especially hard for me, I have been going through a lot of emotional turmoil which has…

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Let’s have a little positivity

After the last post, “that’s the thing about depression” I was pretty overwhelmed and humbled over the amount of messages and support I got. Over 700 people read the post which was really stunning. This week was really hard for me, my old friend depression was creeping its ugly head back around. After  a series of unfortunate events which ended in…

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Online dating, is it just setting you up a fall?

Is online dating all it is cracked up to be? We can all agree that online dating has become a new phenomenon in how to meet your life partner. Thousands of people in Ireland log on to sites like Plenty of Fish every day in the search for their soul mate. Hundreds of pairs have been matched online all across…

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10 reasons why sex is good for you

Sex is that good for you that you should be doing it all the time. Who needs to pay sky high doctors fees when you can just get a fuck buddy. Relationships aside, a fuck buddy is all anyone really needs. Here are the top 10 reasons why sex is good for you. 1. It makes you healthy and happy. People…

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10 of the most unusual places to have sex

Have you ever felt an overpowering sense of burning desire that lead you to have sex in the most random of places? Maybe it was with your partner, maybe it was with a stranger, maybe it was by yourself. What ever way it was, it was totally weird. Who would ever dream of having sex in such a public space?…

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