Cradle Snatcher! Baby Jesus Stolen From Crib

cribThe baby Jesus was stolen from the crib at St Josephs Care Centre in Longford over the Holidays.

The crib is located outside the nursing home on the Dublin Road in Longford and is part of the fixtures every Christmas.

Longford Town Mayor Peggy Nolan has voiced her disgust at the theft as the crib holds a place in the hearts of the residents of St Josephs and the community.

The person who stole the baby Jesus must have been seriously intoxicated at the time. I mean i’m not sure of the size of the crib but I can’t imagine it is that small which means the ornament must be a pretty massive and pointless thing to steal. I’m sure that was a shock to the system waking up the find a giant baby Jesus in your room.

In fairness to whoever stole it just bring it back under the cover of darkness. You really have no use for it, the residents miss is, you would have a hard job getting rid of it and basically you’re a fucking idiot.

The price you would have to pay if you got caught with it, plus the shame, would be a lot worse than just bringing it back and saying nothing. I’m sure it was very funny at the time but I cant imagine it will still be as funny in a month when your still lumbered with the thing.

Have some Christmas spirit, return baby Jesus to his rightful home and hey, have a happy new year.

Have any of our readers ever stolen something ridiculous?

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