Deal of the Day- Urban Outfitters Valentine Cards

Urban Outfitters Valentines Card

Deal of the Day- Valentines Card’s

We couldn’t let the day before Valentines go without a quick reminder that you still have to buy some last minute gifts, most of all a card displaying just how much you love your loved one. What can say that more than this gem from Urban Outfitters, “I Love You More Than Booze”, that say’s it all.

Urban Outfitters have a whole array of funky cards which stand out a little more than your regular old Hallmark. I love the humour in these cards, it is like something you would say anyway made into card form, bound to give your Valentine a giggle.

This one also stood out, crude, but gets the point across: I Love You Card

Others include a card that the buyer can tick and rate you, a “You’re Awesome” card and “You are the Kate to my Wills” aww too cute!

All these cards are €4/5 or alternatively, as we are all about saving the penny’s here, you could fold over a white piece of paper and draw on it in crayons. Economical, yes, but would it be worth your life? You would probably never hear the end of it. Have you any special Valentines plans?

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  • Lela February 13, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    they are brill 🙂 🙂 so funny!!


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