Deena From Jersey Shore “Those Are Not My Boobs”

Deena_imposter_flashes_boobs_at_mardi grasDeena Lookalike Flashes Boobs at Mardi Gras

TMZ captured a girl who looked suspiciously like Deena Cortese flashing her boobs at Mardi Gras. The whole thing was caught on camera, much to the fury of the Jersey Shore star pictured above in the leopard print dress.

Mardi Gras, which is legendary for naked partying, is in full swing in New Orleans but the real Deena claims she is in Jersey.

Furious at the case of mistaken identity Deena is adamant she would not flash her boobs or any other part of herself at Mardi Gras or anywhere else as she is trying to change how people perceive her. This sudden image change comes about as she attempts to  get onto “Dancing with the stars”.

Do you think this booby flasher looks any thing like Deena? Leave your comments in the box below.

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