Fifty Shades of Grey Brings A Rise In Ann Summers Sales

Ann Summers Thrives From 50 Shades of Grey SalesSex Store Sales Sore As a Result of Erotic Novel

50 Shades of Grey has had a profound effect on the ladies of the world. E.L James has unleasedh the inner fox in women all across Ireland. After reading the novel women (and men i’m sure) have rushed to Ann Summers stores nationwide, increasing their sales.

While most retailers are struggling, it seems that sex really does sell as Ann Summers are laughing all the way to the bank and not even the sperm bank. 2012 seen the store make record profits as the sales of handcuffs increased by 30%, blindfolds rose by 60%, whips by 15%, rope ties by 35%, restraints by 15% and jingle balls rose by 200%. That is a lot of rising and I guess it won’t all be done in Ann Summers either, you lucky husbands you.

Ireland was always full of horny divils, the amount of children in a traditional Irish household can account for that. 50 Shades of Grey has liberated the women and men of our little country to try new things, experiment and break free from constraints by erm, constraining each other. At least now it is in the kinky sense rather than the metaphorical.

The book has sold over 70 million copies world wide and clearly you can believe the hype. Have you read the book? Did it inspire you to buy some new toys in Ann Summers or any other sex shop for that matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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