Guy is in love with his straight best friend

Gay guy is in love with his best friendGuy who is in love with his straight best friend is seeking advice

Male, 25, Heartbroken

Dear Agony Aunt,

I have been in love with my best friend for three years, the problem is he is straight. I have always been openly gay and these feelings developed for him over time as we became closer as friends. I naively thought that something was going to happen between us and I told him how I felt. He was very understanding but made it clear in no uncertain terms were the feelings mutual. We decided it was just a phase I was going through and that it would pass, neither of us wanted to let it affect our friendship. That was about a year ago now and as far as he is concerned things are back to normal but for me nothing has changed. I can’t stop thinking about him and when we are together I feel so happy but then I remember we aren’t together and never will be and that breaks my heart. What makes it worse is seeing him with other girls, that really kills me but I have to hide my feelings. I really believed things were going somewhere as we had gotten so close, and he gave me the impression he was interested. I thought he could have at least given us a chance but I guess I as wrong. What will I do?…Shane

Dear Shane,

Unrequited love is never easy especially when you see a lot of the person. It definitely makes it a lot harder that you have told him how you feel and he just chose to ignore it. I don’t consider “understanding” to mean forgetting all about it and flaunting girls in front of you is not fair at all. I know you love this guy, but he doesn’t even sound like a good friend. Who knows, if he had gone with the “don’t knock it until you have tried it” approach ye could have made a great couple. I think in your case the best thing to do would be to cut all ties. You know this guy is never going to be just a friend to you, you will always want more and he probably likes having you around to inflate his ego. It is time for you to just move on, start a new life without this guy in it and be happy.


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