Lonely Girls in Lonely Hearts, Should Just be Called the Desperate Column

Desperate Craigs List

Girl Searches For Dickhead on Craigslist

Lorna has a problem, she met a guy called Sean, or Seamus or Derrick, she is not sure because he kissed her and her two friends and gave 3 different names and now she has resorted to the women seeking men column to find this man of mystery. Sean, or Seamus or Derrick sounds like an absolute charmer alright. He used lollipops to snake a kiss, as she describes MADE her go home with him and then proceeded to get sick everywhere, ah but at least he got her a kebab and sang to her.

This desperate attempt to rekindle a non¬†existent romance is nothing short of pathetic. While she describes the night as a bit of craic it really does just sound like a mess which has resulted in a¬†lonely heart plea. Come on, he didn’t even give you his NAME never mind his number. Sorry luv, he is just not that in to you.

Have you ever resorted to extreme measures to bag your man? Please let us know….

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