Look good in the mud with these top festival fashion tips

Get festival chic with Feck TVFestival season is almost upon us and we need to look our best for the mud fest. Here are some top tips:

Festival season is another reason for girls to shop. Boys have it easy; they can dress up in ridiculous attire and be hailed as “legends” whereas we have to look our best, despite being caked in mud. A boy can dress up as a girl, a monkey or a giant banana. He can walk around in wellies, shorts, a straw hat, cool sunglasses, no shirt, covered in muck and holding a can, sorted. For girls it is an entirely different affair.

Whether you’re going to Oxegen, Electric Picnic or any of the other festivals happening this summer, all you need to look good is right here.

First of all there is the hair situation. How can we possibly deal with that without a plug for our straightener? Then there is the problem of keeping your make-up perfectly applied while the lads are firing muck everywhere. Well, the girls of Feck TV have devised some top tips to staying festival chic all weekend:

The hair

This is possibly the most important thing for all girls as, although we look fab all the time, it takes serious effort in the mornings. When living in a tent for four days, we don’t have those home comforts at hand so we need to get creative.

Tip one. What is probably the best invention that ever graced God’s mucky fields will become your favourite item; Batiste. For those of you who don’t know, Batiste is a brand of dry shampoos which, when sprayed on, takes the greasy look out of your hair so it looks freshly washed. A festival must-have for all the ladies. An alternative tip here is if you can’t get your hands on dry shampoo, regular old talcum powder will do just the trick.

Dry shampoo


Tip two. A colourful wig can cover your hair and look great. While you wouldn’t dream of going out looking like this during a regular day, you are at a festival and it is sort of law to stand out and look ridiculous. The regular dressed folk just blend in to the crowd and that is no fun. If you get a wig which stands out, there is also the chance you will hook up with a cute guy who just happens to think your style is pretty awesome.


Tip three. Buy a hat. A hat is a simple but effective object that will complete any festive apparel. One of the most fun things about wearing a hat to a festival is the hat shopping. A hat is a necessity to finish the festival look. If you don’t have a hat you will try steal someone else’s, if you do have a hat, they will try to steal yours. Just hope that you catch the eye of that cute fella, it could end up in a playful tussle in the mud in a bid to win the hat…and your love.


Tip four. A French plait. If you can’t do one, then book into the hairdressers before you go. A French plait looks fabulous and will keep your hair out of your face all weekend. Don’t forget to being a small bottle of hairspray to help keep it in place.


The Make-Up

Most girls wouldn’t leave the house without make-up on so the thought of going four days in a field without it is totally insane to some. There are a few things you can do before you leave your tent to ensure you are ready to face the music (get it?).

Tip one. Before you leave the house you need to get tan-tastic. Assuming you will get adventurous over the weekend, you could be walking around in half nothing, so be prepared for the worst because it will happen. If you tan up for a festival then, no matter what happens, you will look and feel good. Remember though, the wash-off stuff won’t cut it this time. If you can, bring the bottle with you to touch up over the weekend, by Sunday you will most definitely need it.

fake tan

Tip two. Bring the essentials. You won’t have room to pack the entire contents of your make-up case, so invest in a hand held make-up bag and only bring what you need. Foundation, powder, mascara, bronzer, blusher, eyeliner and some eye shadow are all a yes, but every colour of eye shadow, lipstick and different shades of foundation are a no. Prepare everything before you leave and you won’t be stuck.


Tip three. Take care of your nails. It is simply not fathomable to bring all your different colour nail polish. The best thing to do before a festival would be to get gel nails or a shellac polish. Both are guaranteed to last the weekend and leave you feeling stunning with perfectly polished nails.


Tip four. Bring some Vaseline, not as lube but because your lips will dry out. It also saves the bother of packing different lipsticks or lip balms. Vaseline does the job nicely so why bother stressing.


The clothes

The most important thing to remember about a festival is think small but think sensible. That doesn’t mean pack a bikini, shorts and hat and you’re ready to go. While some girls do this, it is not advisable unless it is Benicassim you are attending. Unfortunately for us, the Irish weather means you always have to be prepared, while still packing as little as possible.

Tip one. Be prepared for the rain. We live in a wet climate after all so it is to be expected, at any time. Don’t be fooled by the sunny skies because you can guarantee you will wake up on the Saturday morning to the sound of a hurricane beating against the wall of your tent. Wellies are a festival must for everyone, no exceptions. The days when wellies were ugly green farmer accessories are gone. There are some really chic and trendy wellies out there that don’t even cost that much. While you may think it sounds daft, a raincoat or poncho is also a necessity. It will mean the difference between having a good time and going home sick. Penney’s stock a lovely range of raincoats in all different colours so you really cannot go wrong.


Tip two. Pack light. You are only going for four days after all so you don’t need the entire contents of your wardrobe. For an Irish festival, it is also advisable to pack clothes that you don’t care about wearing again. It is an excuse for a shopping trip. Thrift store buys and Penney’s best are your best friends on this one. If you pick up some leggings, cute dresses, band t-shirts and denim shorts you will be fine. Just don’t forget a warm jumper and that raincoat. While it will probably rain, shorts and skirts are a better idea than wearing jeans. Jeans are heavy and they will wear you down if they get soaked or covered in mud; if your legs get destroyed you can always clean them off. The leggings will keep you warm in the evening and they slip on easily over your wellies.


Tip three. Bring loads of socks and the right kind of socks. It is essential at festivals to have a few pairs of socks that you can change into over the weekend. Your feet will get wet; don’t rely on the wellies to keep you 100% dry. You will feel comfortable with a clean, dry pair of socks, even if you are saturated. You also need to bring the right kind of socks; ankle socks will not suffice. Knee-high socks are both comfortable and stylish so don’t forget to pick up a few pairs on your way past the beer aisle.

knee high socks

Top four. Be glamorous dah-ling!  Festivals are, after all, some of the most stylish places off the catwalks. Just think Kate Moss – she really nailed the festival style. Festival chic is all the rage, if you do it right of course. Waistcoats, denim, shorts, headscarves, hats, funky glasses, band t-shirts and really anything that stands out and screams “unique”. Think boho mixed with rock chick and you have the perfect festival style. Don’t forget your accessories, they can make an outfit. Flowers or feathers in your hair, long chains and feather earrings will complete your look.


Now that you have the festival style guide down, all you have left to do is bag yourself a hunky bass player, grab a couple of cans, pick a few gigs to attend and you are well on your way to being a festival queen. Let’s hope for the weather.

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