Maggie Thatcher the anti-feminist

Margaret Thatcher never stood up for womens rights and claimed she "owed nothing to women's lib"Margaret Thatcher, the UK’s first female prime minister, was anti-feminist and anti-women.

Becoming the first and only female prime minister could be seen as a feminist victory for Thatcher, however she was anything but feminist and hated what feminists stood for.

The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison.

Harsh words from a lady famed for her heartless nature. She could very nearly be described as anti-women, only appointing eight women to political positions while she was in office, only one of whom was selected for her cabinet. She also made life for ordinary women very difficult by freezing child benefit and taking free milk from school children. “Margaret Thatcher, Milk Snatcher” had no sympathy for struggling mothers or their children.

She believed people had to help themselves and she in no way wanted to be a role model for women. She hated for anyone to think she landed her role as a result of feminism;

I owe nothing to women’s lib.

As a grocer’s daughter she didn’t come from a wealthy background, she worked hard and had focus. Margaret Thatcher was ruthless in her goals and achieved what no other woman ever had. She paved the way for women in power but she was merciless and selfish, and lacked compassion. Rather than attempting to make women feel empowered she created a guilt for working mothers and slammed the idea of the “creche culture”, a little hypocritical considering she had twins and the most important job in Britain.

She was criticised for being a working mother and on occasion was asked would her family commitments get in the way of her work responsibilities. She was hurt by the attack on her character as a wife and a mother but she dismissed the remarks saying she organised her time properly and had a top class nanny, contradicting her own belief that women should be in the home.

Thatcher strongly believed in the individual and the ability from each person to shape their own lives. Her rise to power didn’t come through feminism or political change; it came from her conviction and assertiveness to get the job done. She is a perfect example of how a person can defy all the odds to achieve great things in life, it is just unfortunate she didn’t use her role to influence more good in the world.

Margaret Thatcher has been criticised and ripped apart for her beliefs and actions and she will forever be noted for her lack of empathy for other women. Praised by some, hated by many, she has definitely left her mark on society and earned her nickname (which she had been given even before she became prime minister) of “Iron Lady”.

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