Merlot and Me

WineRTE recently broadcast a surprisingly good show called “Merlot and Me” following Irish women’s relationship with alcohol. The show was both entertaining and eye opening as it was a real life representation of the absolute truth, we love to drink! And maybe too much so.

About two weeks ago I discovered the delectable delight that is the combination of red wine and chocolate, oh how I wish it wasn’t so, I think I may have just unearthed what will ultimately be my downfall.

Discussing this with a male friend and he couldn’t fathom it whatsoever, himself being loyal to having a few cans, and he said I sounded like “a real posh mature lady” and laughed at the wine glass. My female friend however had a different response altogether. She whole heartily agreed and being a few years older than me was shocked that I hadn’t known this sooner.

In “Merlot and Me” the presenter, obviously female, explored the ever growing habit of coming home to an empty house after a long day of work, putting the feet up and having a glass of wine, you know, to relieve the stress. I would have always thought growing up that only alco’s and total weirdos drink on their own but it is more commonplace than I ever would have expected. The night in question where I happened to discover the red wine and chocolate combo I was on my own in a hotel and had a glass of wine to relieve the extreme boredom of looking at the four walls of a hotel room in a county where I didn’t know anyone and it worked, it was bloody great! The said female friend laughed at this also saying when she lived in a house with strangers she loved nothing more than to lock her door, slip on the comfy PJ’s, stick on a DVD and have a glass of wine, having a great ol’ time for herself.

This led me to thinking are myself and my friends just a bunch of winos? Well clearly not as this lady on the telly was telling me that is what her and her friends all do and they would be a decade older than I am. Then I thought well sure my own mother loves a glass of red wine to relax, my aunties are the same and they are all fully functional, respected, working women. So when did wine become a stress reliever and why do we use that rather than another method such as a bath or a healthy yoga option?

The answer I came up with is simple…who feckin’ cares! Wine is lovely, so is chocolate and balanced with an active and healthy diet it is a perfect way to end the week. If you find you are drinking a bottle a night now that is a different story, a trip to AA might be a bit more beneficial than another trip to the offy. As you get older the appeal of necking back a rake of vodka before hitting the shots on a Saturday night fades rapidly, as does going out to nightclubs every weekend. Relaxing by the fire with a good movie and a glass of vino is sometimes much more appealing. What do you think?

Now…where did I put my glass?

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