Mothers Day Gift Ideas, Day Three- Mammy Makeover

Mothers Day Gift IdeasMothers Day Gift Ideas, Day Three

Today’s gift in our Mothers Day special is a Mammy makeover. Now if you Google this a load of stuff about plastic surgery comes up. Do NOT and I mean this on your life, do not approach your mam with the suggestion of plastic surgery. You are still not to old to be bet around with the wooden spoon, remember that?! Thought so.

What we are suggesting is treat your mam to a day out shopping. Get her a whole new outfit, hair and nails done and maybe a spot of lunch while your at it. It is also an excuse to treat yourself, any excuse really.

Go to your nearest town on Saturday but be sure to book the appointments today or you will be sorely disappointed. Then time to hit the high street. Unfortunately for most people that means Penney’s and Dunnes best unless you have a few nice clothes stores in your town.

Best to start the day with a coffee, you know for energy. Try to book your hair and nails for later in the afternoon, get the shopping done first then you can relax. Nothing worse than getting your hair done in the morning and then it pisses rain, which you know is bound to happen it is Ireland. After you mocha latte whatever ya call it, off you trot to your mothers favourite store. There  is bound to be one that you would never dream of setting foot inside, clothes for forty something year old’s donning the window mannequins but it is your mother’s day so grit your teeth and enjoy spoiling her.

Try and veer her away from the normal “mammy” clothes, this is a mammy makeover after all. Of course don’t push her into something totally out there either, just a little different and once she is comfortable. My mammy has a horrid habit of just buying “work clothes” because she figures she never goes anywhere else..what like ever?? Silly mammy. Hurrah for my fashionista sister who sorts her out pronto.

When you are both happy with your purchases, though you of course have to try more than one shop, it is time for a light lunch, maybe some cake, yes, cake is good, you know so you have a sugar rush for all the nonsensical hairdresser talk. The hairdresser trip will prolly be pretty straightforward, not like mammy is going to go for a balayage or some funky pink shades. Bit of a touch up, cover up the grey’s, trim the dead ends, blow dry, job done. Happy days.

The nails then, cool and outlandish gel nails for you, french polish for mom, unless of course she may surprise you and want totally funky nails. More power her. And thus ends the pamper mam day, maybe stop off for a bottle of wine and a Chinese on the way home. Well you can’t honestly expect her to cook a dinner after all that! Trust me, she will thank you for it.

Have you any nice plans for mothers day you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • India Flower Plaza April 9, 2013 at 6:47 am

    This is the complete makeover for your mom. This is one of the best unforgettable day for both you and your mom.

    This is the best one day trip for mothers day in which you can give lot of gifts and spend some valuable time with your mom.


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