MPs Fly the Rainbow Flag as Marriage approved in England (We don’t see the need to stick the word gay in front of everything)

Same Sex Marriage Law Passed in England

House of Commons Approves Same Sex Marriage

A wave of change has come about in England. At long last they have approved same sex marriage. Of course, splashed all over the media you will see “Gay” marriage approved however here at Feck TV we believe that putting a title on something makes it different. Marriage, be it man, woman or beast is based on love and respect, it is not what you are, it is who you are that counts. Well marrying a beast might be strange but those little doggie weddings can be very cute.

It is hard to fathom in this day and age, with all the war and hate in the world, how two people who love one another cannot just be left in peace. Why the struggle to defend their love, why this fight to be equal to a man and woman getting married? It is actually infuriating. In fact I know a lot of straight couples who should have laws passed against them for the shite they do to one another and worse put their own child through.

It is an ancient law that doesn’t even make sense any more. The law allowing same sex marriage won’t even be passed until next year, what the hell is the hold up?

For once the MPs were allowed to think for themselves as a “Free Vote” meant they could vote as they chose to not under party orders. Usually I think its ridiculous how Ireland jump on the bandwagon and pass laws just because somewhere else has but this time I will¬†wholeheartedly encourage it.

What do you think about same sex marriage? Is it time everyone just got the feck over it and got on with things? Is it time we all waved the rainbow coloured flag and made peace with the fact that it is ok to just be yourself?

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  • Edel Mc Geeney February 6, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Well said…Here here.


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