feeling strong fibro warm pear and ricotta health food

Fibro Fit: Pancakes and podcasts

Today, pancakes and podcasts. Feeling strong mentally but physically i’m 90!

Pancake Tuesday is everyone’s favourite Tuesday! However I won’t scar you with the unforgettable image of my pancakes this morning. Ingredients: 1 banana, 3 egg whites, tofu, hemp seed and flax seed. It tasted delish, full of goodness but really a “don’t judge a book by its cover” pancake.

Following a very productive Monday, I was fearful it would be a big crash Tuesday but today was just as productive in work. Kick-starting the day with pancakes and podcasts – Gary Vaynerchuck podcasts to be exact, it was another great day in work. In my mind this morning was “go for a walk/swim” but fooled by my mental visor I thought “I’ll go after work” – rookie mistake. As one of those people who can only exercise in the morning or forget it, I don’t know why I fool myself! But I did get straight down to work.

My mind is alive and out of the clouds for the first time in what feels like an eternity. I’m always making plans and dreaming up new ideas so fighting the fibro fog these past few weeks felt like my sparkle had dulled. With what feels like a new lease of life, I plowed through today with a re-ignited fire and a hustler attitude.

At 5pm I looked out my office window at a promising sky and thought a walk possible. By 6:40pm my creaky bones ached as I packed up to go home – mind still alive and a few hours work still ahead but physically done.

The rain doesn’t fill my creaky old lady bones with enthusiasm to get out for that evening walk, but feeling stronger every day makes me that bit more determined. Tomorrow morning, we ride!


Pancakes and podcasts fibro warm pear and ricotta health food

Lunch –ย Warm pear with “ricotta*” and cinnamon. *Ricotta – tofu, spinach, basil and lemon

Vegetarian cottage pie

Dinner –ย Vegetarian cottage pie, salad and couscous. Admittedly I ate this at three and was hungry again by seven so had a second helping that was for tomorrow. Contains Gluten too so I shouldn’t really have had it. Portion sizes and sticking to not having those foods with hidden gluten is something I need to work on.

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