Patients are not Animals

hospital bedThe Hospital Action Committee (HAC) in Roscommon has hit out at the HSE for transferring patients before they are ready to be discharged.

The HAC said the patients are being treated like “Animals” by the HSE moving them out when they are not fit to be moved. 4 patients were last week moved to a nursing home instead of being treated in hospital where they belonged.

John McDermott from HAC said to local radio it is an “ongoing problem” and patients are being mistreated simply to “save money for the state, it is unacceptable”.

There has been a surge in the number of patients being admitted to hospital in the last number of weeks. Mr. McDermott said the ongoing problem in reduction of bed numbers is what is leading to transferring people for the weekend.

The bed situation in hospitals is a disgrace anyway and it is the same in every hospital. Have you ever felt mistreated in hospital or been left in a trolley in a hallway over night? How would you feel if you were supposed to be treated in hospital and they transferred you to a nursing home for the weekend?

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