President Felix Longford

President Felix Set to RAWWWK

President Felix to play Longford Town FC dinner dance

President Felix Longford
The annual Longford Town F.C. Dinner Dance takes place tonight in the Sin Bin, Longford Rugby Club with President Felix headlining.

There will be dinner, there will be dancing and there will be awards which will be presented on the night for “Player of the Year” and “Goal of the Season”.

If you don’t give a feck about Longford Town F.C. then the only other reason to go is President Felix.

President Felix are rock group from Longford who will, without a doubt, blow the feckin’ roof off!

Playing all your favourite covers from Nirvana to Smashing Pumpkins, to Adele and Amy Winehouse, this five piece will leave you dancing until dawn. There will only be empty seats in the venue tonight as everyone’s socks get rocked off.

The L.T.F.C dinner dance promises to be a cracking nights entertainment, the Sin Bin being an excellent party venue for all your festive fun. The evening itself begins at 9 PM with the main event, President Felix, taking center stage at 11 PM.

This band encompasses everything that a great rock band should. Beautiful soul singer Laura, is both captivating and entertaining, Diamuid on Guitar and Vocals is the ultimate cool dude, Shocko is a legendary Bass player who keeps the rhythm flowing, Guitarist Cian helps the whole band gel together and who can forget the animal drummer Shay, the cornerstone of one kick ass group.

President Felix are a refreshing reminder of what quality music sounds like. Having seen them on numerous occasions I can whole heart-idly vouch for this. I have recently seen them in another top entertainment venue in Longford. I was on the dry that night as I was driving and I insisted on the fact I was leaving after ten minutes I was there to show face, end of. Two hours later I’m still up front jumping around like a crazed lunatic because these guys are just, that good!!  And I can’t even blame drink for that, there music ran through me like an electric current and left me wanting more.

Tickets for tonight are €25, good value considering everything included.  To reserve yours please call Andy on 087 6727859

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