Rise in Legal Drugs Being Bought Online

drugsJim Higgins, MEP, has recently expressed concern over the high levels of synthetic drug abuse in Ireland.

The drugs are bought online and are similar to the herbal drugs that you used to be able to buy in Head Shops around the country.

A recent report found that 15-24 year olds in Ireland had the highest use of legal highs, 10% of people in this age category were reported to have abused psychoactive substances.

These drugs make people hallucinate and often cause them to get totally fucked up causing harm to themselves or others. The head shop drugs are the drug of choice for a lot of youngsters in Leitrim and it is a worrying statistic that 1 in 10 has taken them.

It was reported that in 2012 there has been a significant increase in the number of online head shops rising from 170 to 693 in just two years.

It seems a case of people want what they can’t have, these drugs were made illegal here so let’s get them online where they are freely available. How they get past customs I don’t know but I’m sure a big parcel of pills wouldn’t go unnoticed, it’s not exactly a parcel of candy now is it.

Irish people have a particular knack for jumping on a craze that is totally bad for them and as with everything we totally over do things. The head of the European drug agency, Wolfgang Gotz, spoke of the threat of the rapid increase in the drug and that 57 new drugs had been reported this year. That is a lot of chemicals floating about being freely abused.

There is a need for tighter monitoring of the situation and of what is being imported into the country. Whatever happened to just going for a few pints?

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