Pull up those welly socks ladies, it is time to get some free Electric Picnic tickets

How do we blag free Electric Picnic ticketsWhat would you do to get some free Electric Picnic tickets?

Times are hard and with the amount of good stuff going on this summer we want to know; how can we lessen the burden without lessening the fun? The Electric Picnic line-up was announced today with little excitement. Our Feck TV music and main-man Danny reported earlier that you can avail of discounted Electric Picnic tickets simply by proving you were there before. What we want to know now is; what lengths would you go to, to get a free Electric Picnic ticket?

Here are some suggestions;

1. Flash the bouncers. With all the festival love floating in the air, they might just let their frisky side out and let you in.

2. Enter every competition on the air-waves, on-line and in the papers. There are hundreds of free tickets up for grabs; you just have to be in the right place at the right time to grab them.

3. Beg, borrow or steal. Well, you can’t really steal a ticket because that is just not nice. I suppose you can’t really borrow a ticket because you won’t want to give it back. The only solution is to beg like a shameless hussy. Email, write and ring into the organisers of Electric Picnic and any associated bodies and hopefully you will blag your way in.

4. Jump the fence. It has been done before, it can be done again. I happened to meet some local guys from home in the Electric Picnic VIP area two years ago. They jumped the fence and ended up in there, nice one.

5. Get a job. I don’t mean in general, I mean work at the festival. It might not be ideal but there are hundreds of jobs going and you end up making so many new friends. At least this way it is legal and you keep some of your dignity.

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