Scumbags Rob an Old Granny

broken windowA 90 year old woman was robbed while she slept in her home in County Kerry. The woman, who lives alone in Listowel, woke to find burglars in her room.

The two masked men demanded money from the terrified woman who had won in Bingo earlier that evening. It is suspected that she was watched and followed home. Seeing she was alone and vulnerable they took the opportune moment to strike.

It is at present unclear of the details of the robbery or how much was taken. It is thought that the fuckers broke in through a downstairs bedroom window before going upstairs to the woman’s room.

The pensioner owns one of the community watch provided panic alarms but she didn’t get to it in time. The woman was discovered lying on her bedroom floor in a state of pure confusion. All she remembers is someone repeatedly asking her to give them the money.

The incident has left the woman in such a state of trauma she has vowed to never leave her house again. What an absolute fucking disgrace! At 90 years old you would think you have earned the respect to be left well alone to live in peace. Even scumbags have grannies, do they not have hearts?

The lady’s neighbours are going pretty mad about what happened and can’t believe something like this would happen to an elderly woman.

Gardai have taken a forensic examination of the scene and are taking the incident very seriously. They are asking for any information on suspicious goings on in the area around the time of the attack to be reported directly to the station.

What would you do to someone who broke into your granny’s house?

[Picture: Not Actual Window of House]

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