Sicko Robs Old Lady in Her Own Home

old peopleAt around 6pm last Sunday a man knocked on a ladies door asking for a glass of water. He got much more however as he robbed the lady of €500.

Reports state that the lady is in her 80’s and lives in a quiet area in Longford. These attacks on the elderly are rising significantly and it is leaving many feeling totally vulnerable and unsafe in their own home.

I am definitely not a violent person however an attack on the elderly deserves a good kick in the bollox.  It is about as sound as stealing candy from a baby. These people have lived their lives. They have worked hard for whatever money they have, raised families and it is about time they were left in peace to enjoy their lives and their homes. So many old people now live in fear as these spate of attacks become more frequent.

Deceiving a kind old lady into thinking you just want a glass of water then bolting with €500 is so low. There are a lot of dangerous people around who don’t seem to give a flying F@*k who they hurt or frighten once they get what they are after.

Money clearly does make the world go round and clearly makes some peoples minds go round the twist. It is a tragic thing to see happen to anyone but most of all to those vulnerable in society who cannot protect themselves.

Some people do like to give others the benefit of the doubt and take them at face value but the truth is you cannot trust strangers knocking at your door anymore.

Gardai are warning all elderly people to take caution when talking to strangers and secure their houses especially at night. Do you know anyone who suffered a similar attack?

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