Sure Where Would You Be Without a Bell on Your Bike- Court Perhaps!

BikeNew strict measures are being introduced for cyclists who break the rules of the road.

Cyclists are expected to obey the same rules of the road as cars such as obeying traffic lights, sticking to the road or designated cycle paths, not cycling on the pavement, cycling on the left hand side of the road with the traffic and must have lights if cycling in darkness.

On the spot fines will be in place for any cyclist who breaks the law. These charges will be between €50 and €100 but will be considerably more if not paid within 56 days.

Next thing you will need a licence to cycle a bike. First your L plates then six months of cycle lessons with a qualified cycle instructor before you can take your cycle test to be a fully licensed cyclist. It might sound crazy now but hey it’s not that long ago since it was socially acceptable to drink drive and slap your children. Who knows what kind of crazy safety measures will be introduced. I mean a helmet? What the fuck is that? Crazy ass regulations.

I can hear it now, in a few years time the old biddy’s will reminisce about when they used to have a bike, “back in my day we used to cycle blindfolded, with no hands, backwards and nobody bat an eyelid, now its all helmet this and knee pads that. I hit a few pedestrians in my day, the path is big enough and they didn’t move sure what harm”. Ok Granny!

While there is a brilliant cycle infrastructure in place in the city centres, it has yet to reach the back roads of Longford where it is a free for all, every road user for themselves.  It is seriously dangerous and accidents happen all the time. Cyclists should of course wear their helmets, have a light and cycle on the correct side of the road but the Department of Transport, who are imposing the measures, should get their skates on (Wayhey!) and improve the roads outside of Dublin. I think they forget we are not bogger’s on horse and cart anymore, our roads need attention.

Would you cycle to work if the roads were improved?

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