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100 Healthy Days Day Three: Temptation Wins Every Time

My gosh, if I don’t start taking this seriously I may as well give up before it begins. CHOCOLATE, AGAIN today. I bought a bar of dark chocolate today with the intention of breaking it up to make clean eating banana cookies. However, after lunch one of the girls asked if I had any chocolate so I ended up sharing…

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100 Healthy Days- Day Two: Me Vs the Mouse

Day two of 100 Healthy Days just started off on the wrong foot. We have a mouse problem in my apartment, or so my housemate informed me last week. I was quite happy to ignore this fact, until yesterday morning when I went to do food prep for the day and I heard the little bugger rustling around in the…

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100 Healthy Days, Day One

100 Healthy Days Day one of 100 healthy days,and bar the giant spoonful of Nutella which I couldn’t resist, the day went very well. For the first time this year, I’m really feeling fantastic. This is more so down to the fortnight of no alcohol and relatively healthy eating combined with a restful weekend, rather than one good day today.…

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