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the dead sea

Day Six: feeling free floating on the Dead Sea

A wave of calm at the dead sea We said goodbye to the desert and our lovely beduin tent and continued on our journey. While we left it behind I knew it would remain in my soul forever. The experience of the desert was one thing, the profound effect it had on me was to last a lifetime. We moved…

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negev desert sunrise

Day five: finding my angels in the Negev Desert

Finding my angels on a camping trip in the Negev desert One of the greatest gifts I was ever given was the opportunity to stay overnight in the Negev Desert. Camping in the desert is something I had wanted to do for a long time. Doing it as part of this trip made it all the more worthwhile, it was…

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birth and death of Jesus

Day four: the birth and death of Jesus

Today we went to the sites of both the birth and death of Jesus; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Bethlehem Another early morning as we walked through the waking streets of Jerusalem. A freshness filled the air, the kind of special freshness unique to an autumn morning. We set off for our day while the city still slept;…

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Day three: Mountain of Olives and Garden of Gethsemane

Feeling positivity at Gethsemane The new day brought a new perspective and I was beginning to feel settled. Yesterday’s experience had hit me in ways I never imagined and my mind began to feel calmer; trusting things would be ok. As I realised it was alright to build something and no longer want it, I began to ease into the…

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Jews look over the Temple

Day two: Wailing Wall and building the Temple

Another early rise this morning but not as early as 3am. It was a 7am start with lots to see and do in the day ahead. The itinerary was jam packed with activities and not a moment to spare. Once we dressed and got breakfast we set off through the streets of Jerusalem. The theme of burnt orange cobbled stones…

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Reaching Jerusalem

Holy Land Day One: Reaching Jerusalem

Reaching Jerusalem and the beginning of the road ahead A 3am start from The Vicarage in Heath and Reach gets us on our way. We set off to fly from Luton airport. Something I still find humorous, a five hour flight from this small airport rather than the international Heathrow will get us to such a fascinating destination. The flight…

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sunrise and introduction to The Holy Land

Reliving The Holy Land – an introduction

An introduction to The Holy Land Tomorrow marks one full year since I reached The Holy Land and ultimately began a journey that was to change me forever. I went on this tour as a spectator. A spectator in my own life and a spectator in what this trip truly meant. I travelled with a group of very religious people…

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