Ten reasons why having a pet is better than being in a relationship

Here are some of the top reasons why having a pet is better than being in a relationship

Maybe being single and alone isn’t so bad. There are better things in life than having a relationship, having a pet is one of those things. In fact, having a pet is ten times better than having a relationship and here are ten reasons why.

10. Animals don’t cheat on you. While they may scamper and play, they remain loyal and loving to their owners. So you don’t have to worry that someday you will come home from work and find them cuddled up to another human. 

animals dont cheat

9. Animals wont break your heart. While they might die, which will suck, they wont turn around and call an end to the relationship for no reason leaving you desperate and alone. 


8. While your partner can make you feel sad and angry, a pet will always make you feel better. 

happy animal

7. If you get fat, your pet wont mind. Once you share some of the goods of course. 


6. Animals love intimacy, all the time. Your boyfriend/  girlfriend would only call it “clingy”.

intimacy5. Your animal will always be happy to see you, no matter what mischief they are up to. Can you say the same for your partner?

happy dog

4. Animals don’t try to control your interests. They wont switch the TV/ radio station if something they don’t like comes on. No matter what the background noise, they will smile anyway. 


3. Animals don’t come home drunk, or get pissed off when you do. 

drunk animal

2. Animals are open to new friendships, while most partners like to keep the relationship closed. 


1. No matter how cute you think your partner is, without a doubt, a pet is always going to be so much cuter. 


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