“The Higher The Heel The Better You Feel”- Rhianna’s Stylist

high heels make you feel goodHigh Heels Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Apparently the higher you are the harder you fall doesn’t matter once you feel good and skyscraper heels will make you feel sexy as hell. They won’t make me feel too confident only dizzy as hell but i’m already 5″11.

Lysa Cooper, stylist for Rhianna, has told her that boosting her height with heels will boost her confidence. It would do the same for anyone, you just have to “ride through the pain”.  Personally, it sounds like torture, I couldn’t wear heels every day but there is nothing like a good pair of heels on a night out to make you feel amazing, flats just don’t cut it.

No matter what you wear, heels improve it. Roll on the summer so we can don those cute, toe less, wedges without fear of our toes falling off. Rumor has it that we are going to have a scorcher, yippee, must be nearly time to shop.

Have you a favourite pair of heels? or have you your sights set on a new pair?

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  • joe Soap April 2, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Women are so stupid. High heels distroy your ankle,A high heel shoe puts your foot in a plantarflexed (foot pointed
    downward) position, placing an increased amount of pressure on your forefoot.
    This causes you to adjust the rest of your body to maintain your
    balance. The lower part of your body leans forward and to compensate for
    that, the upper part of your body must lean back to keep you balanced.
    This is not your body’s normal standing position.

    Waken up women.


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