Today’s top videos: epic mobile home ad, drug addict crashes police car, don’t kiss snakes

Top trending videosIt’s Thursday, it’s sunny and we are only one day away from the weekend. What is there to not smile about? If that doesn’t make you smile, maybe some of these trending videos will.

1. Epic honesty mobile home commercial, first brought to my attention by the Feck TV men. It shows you, honestly, just where your mobile home comes from. After seeing this, you will want to buy two.

2. This live cam in a police car captures a drug addict joyriding, before crashing.

[liveleak id=”3aa_1366738295″ align=”center”]

3. Don’t try and kiss a snake because it will probably just bite you.

[liveleak id=”e13_1366893028″ align=”center”]

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