Top 5 Things Not to do in Paris

What not to do in ParisHere are Some Things You Should Definitely Avoid While Visiting Paris

We gave you a guide of the things to do while in Paris now here are the things you should really not do in Paris. A lot of these are from personal experience!

  1. Don’t Let Your Guard Down for a Second: Seriously, thieves everywhere. I had all the luck of getting my handbag stolen which was holding money, 2 passports, 2 phones and the hotel key. Literally put it down for a second at a restaurant and boom like a flash, a guy came over walked into us knocked our table over and took the bag. We were too preoccupied to notice. Rookie mistake but an easy one to make.
  2. Don’t Attempt to Speak French: French people are very proud of their language and will not take kindly to you stammering all over it. I did not do this as I knew in advance not to. They are quite particular about pronunciation and correct use. And please don’t go around saying “Merci” for everything you just sound like an ass.
  3. Don’t wear a beret, grow a mustache and carry around a baguette: Again, the French are very proud, any inkling that you are taking the piss out of them won’t go down too well.
  4. Don’t rush your sightseeing: The Lourve is massive, the Eiffel Tower equally so, if you are planning on doing the biggest tourist traps you might as well get your moneys worth. Take your time, enjoy and try not to get caught with any of the naff souvenirs.
  5. Don’t try to scrimp and save: Paris is expensive, ridiculously so. A pint in some places can be up on €9, so if you are their on a budget you may forget it. It can be done of course but you will have to avoid most of the main streets and touristy areas. Find some little backstreet cafe, the prices are much cheaper, it is quieter and the food and drink are just as good.

Have you ever been in Paris? What did you think of it? Have you ever done one of these things not to do in Paris? How did it work out for you?

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