[VIDEO] XFactor Flop As Only One Shows Up To Essex Audition

Only one person for xfactor essex audition
Only One Shows Up To X-Factor Audition

In a sure sign that the X-Factor has lost its pull factor, only one person showed up to the Essex audition of the show. The show bosses were forced to beg passers by on the street to audition but even at that only 20 people agreed. How shit for them.

The popularity of the show has been on a steady downward spiral over the past few years but for only one person to show up for the biggest talent show search going, that is a surprise. I mean not that there is that much talent out there but usually the untalented love to have a shot at fame. We get a good laugh out of it anyway.

Is this a sign of things to come? Is the Sico empire about to collapse around his ears? Is manufactured pop about to be stormed by real music? NAH doubt it, another show will come along which will basically be the X-Factor reinvented. Same shit different name!

The only lady who came to audition didn’t even get through, you think they would have given her a thumbs up for effort! She reckons it was the weather that kept people away while a local music promoter said that X-Factor lost its X-Factor. Either way, Essex, which produced¬†Matt Cardle, Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon, seemed to have better things to do that day.

Better luck next time guys. Remember this hilarious duo? Maybe they should do a show based on the X-Factor oddities, now that would be a series worth watching. Do you give a shit if the X-Factor airs or not?

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