[NSFW Videos] Is sex really like it is in the movies? Let’s hope not.

awkward movie sex scenesThe most awkward sex scenes in movies

We all grow up with a Hollywood made, idealistic view of sex, always imagining how romantic that first time will be. The harsh reality however can be a somewhat unromantic affair. Not too many Hollywood movies depict the awkward fumbling catastrophe sex sometimes ends up being. However, those movies that do paint the reality, paint it in a pretty humorous light.

Here are some of the best awkward sex scenes from movies:

The awkward moment when the girl is so drunk the guy is terrified. “I’m going to give you the best blow-j ever, with my mouth”, if this was real life, she would be super embarrassed the next day. I’m not sure too many guys would resist her charm.

Why bother with the flirting which may or may not lead somewhere, it is better to just straight out ask someone for sex. Just be aware that the strangest things might happen, even fluid transfer.

“Let me drive”, “jack in the box”, what would you do if someone actually said that stuff to you?  And then there are the animal noises.

No awkward movie related sex scene list is complete without American Pie, the pinnacle of the uncomfortable desperation that clouds our youth.

Finally, dolls just say it all:

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