Would You and Your Partner Ever Get into the Swinging Lifestyle?

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Female, 29, Concerned About Swinging

Dear Agony Aunt,

I am 29 years old and have been in a good relationship for the past 5 years. Recently my partner has been talking about getting into the swinging scene and he tells me half of Ireland is at it. From my point of view I can see the merits in it for both of us and even fantasize about what it would be like to be with other men and women. The only problem I have is that I’m afraid it might negatively impact on our relationship. Statistics show that there is a much lower rate of divorce in swinging couples, which I presume is because those couples are so honest with each other and not going behind each others backs but I am still concerned.What do you think I should do?…Emma.

Dear Emma,

Swinging is very popular and you might be surprised to find out it is a largely female dominated culture. It is reasonably safe and identities are kept secret within the scene. Getting in to swinging has to be a mutual agreement which by the sounds of things it is for you both. Your main worry is that having this type of open relationship may negatively impact your own relationship with each other, well look at it this way, there are a lot of things that could do that and honesty in my opinion is the only policy. What if you decided against swinging and your partner then felt like he had to go behind your back? That would be worse than anything. You have to make a promise to yourselves that you enter this on the condition that you are both open and honest about every new partner you sleep with, you are both open to trying new things together as well as with other people and rule number 1. no sleeping with anyone else in your bed. The spare room can be made up for that. I think you will both enjoy this type of relationship Emma, it is good that you have done your research and are being cautious now just go go and have fun. Remember if you feel uncomfortable at any time your under no obligation to continue but give it a go for awhile anyway. Best of luck.

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