Youngest Jolie Pitt Off-spring Earning Over $3K a Week to Play Princess

Vivinne Jolie Pitt 3000 acting jobFour Year Old Earns Thousands in Acting Role

Vivienne Jolie Pitt will earn $3000 a week for her very first acting job. For your first job you usually just hope to earn a little more than the dole to keep you going , even still, a lot of the time you are just happy to gain some experience as a stepping stone. For this girls first job she is taking in 3 grand a week PLUS expenses. What expenses has a four year old got? Jelly beans and dolly’s?

Vivienne Jolie Pitt is to star alongside her mother in movie “Maleficent” where she will play a younger version of Elle Fanning’s character Princess Aurora.

Their other daughter Shiloh was supposed to appear in a Disney movie but apparently she wasn’t too bothered about it on the day so she didn’t do it. While the rest of us argued with our parents about going to mass, this kid just decides pffft Disney? Nah I would rather stay home and finger paint…. Movie star kids do finger paint right?

Well fair play to the little tyke, let’s just hope we don’t see another case of child star turned bad. In another 20 years or less she could be splashed across the newspapers for all the wrong reasons although we can’t see Brangelina allowing that to happen!

Would you allow your four year old take up a high paying job? or would you just prefer to let them be a four year old?


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