10 reasons why sex is good for you

10 reasons why sex is good for youSex is that good for you that you should be doing it all the time. Who needs to pay sky high doctors fees when you can just get a fuck buddy. Relationships aside, a fuck buddy is all anyone really needs.

Here are the top 10 reasons why sex is good for you.

1. It makes you healthy and happy. People who are more sexually active take less sick leave.

2. Sex makes pain go away. Research has shown that sex can lessen aches and pains. So next time she is complaining of not feeling like it because she has a headache, land her with this fact.

3. Research in New York has discovered that women who have sex without a condom are happier than those who use them. The study found that women who were directly exposed to semen were less depressed.

4.  Sex burns calories, in fact thirty minutes of sex burns 85 calories. I’d rather have a half hour of sex that half hour on a cross trainer for sure. So maybe spending your money on a prostitute rather than a personal trainer is a more fun and beneficial way of losing weight.

5.  Doing it helps you sleep better. Yup a good shag and you will nod right off. The oxytocin released during orgasm helps with sleep. Next time you get in trouble for falling asleep after sex just remind your partner that they helped you sleep, it is a good thing.

6. Sex reduces stress. People with active sex lives are less anxious and less hostile. Sex makes you relax and take life a little easier.

7. Sex makes you happier than money. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that couples who had frequent sex were as happy as they would be if they earned an extra $100,000.

8. Sex can make you look younger and live longer. Research has found that having sex several times a week can make people look four to seven years younger. It makes you wonder what your grandparents were up to all those years.

9. Sex can help depression. Taking medicine for an illness like depression is not the only cure. Regular exercise and stress have been altering moods long before drugs came along.

10. Do you really need ten reasons to have sex? Just go do it.

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