100 Healthy Days- Day Two: Me Vs the Mouse

Day two of 100 Healthy Days just started off on the wrong foot. We have a mouse problem in my apartment, or so my housemate informed me last week.

I was quite happy to ignore this fact, until yesterday morning when I went to do food prep for the day and I heard the little bugger rustling around in the paper bin. So, making as much noise as possible I turned on the lights and the radio and went for a shower thinking “that’ll scare him off”.

Alas, this was not the case. I came back into the kitchen to find him sitting pretty on top of the oven. Que me screaming and legging it out of the kitchen. THAT scared the mouse off but of course there wasn’t a hope in hell of me food prepping now, let alone using the oven for anything.

Reluctantly I quickly made lunch, and happily had a dinner in the fridge prepared from the weekend. A bad omen I think for the day to come.

Actually, I was pretty good with my diet apart from two chocolate sweets. Two more than I was supposed to have.

Exercise consisted of my gym workout programme which was set by one of the trainers and a run interval session on the treadmill. My training is tailored to suit me as I am training for some big races so there’s no point in me sharing these as they won’t suit anyone else. However, if you’re really interested please ask.

My food today was three rice cakes and a banana for breakfast, red grapes for a snack, a bean and tuna salad for lunch, and a black bean burger for dinner.

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Dinner 100 healthy days day two

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