5 Tips to Lose Weight

5 top weight loss tipsSome top weight loss tips

We all struggle with our weight big time. Mostly because we will do well, lose a few pounds, fall back into a slump and end back where we were. It is like a yoyo up and down constantly. For me anyway it is totally infuriating so I have penned some simple and obvious weight loss tips figuring if it’s written in black and white, some of us might take heed.

  1. Stop eating shit: Really if you wan’t to lose weight you kind of have to stop eating everything, within reason of course, I don’t literally mean everything. So no sweets, chocolate, crisps, bread, pasta, full fat stuff, yada yada. Basically, if you don’t want to be fat anymore you may forget anything nice that you like to eat. Eating is the devil. Unless it is leaves and green stuff they are ok. Green fruit gums, they are not.
  2. Get off your ass: My granny always says if you want to lose weight get off your ass and shut your mouth. Course she also feeds me full of apple tart when I go over. But really you need to take the literal first few steps in the right direction to get you on your way.
  3. Join a gym: If you don’t like going out running because in fairness it can be totally shameful and paranoia central, then join your local gym. Those guy’s are pro’s they will set you up on a perfect programme and you will get that beach bod in no time.
  4. Actually go to the gym: There is no point joining the gym unless you actually go. That may seem obvious but trust me I know from joining manys a gym. You start with great intentions but then after a week or two you get bored as hell with it or it rains or your hungover or something happens that you don’t bother your hole. Seriously go!
  5. Back away from the chocolate: If you are really determined on shedding a few pounds you cannot have off days or decide “ah a little bit won’t hurt” because it will hurt. The main thing all fitness instructors and dietitians say is it starts with your diet. If you exercise constantly but have a really poor diet then it won’t work. So as granny says shut that mouth and get off that ass. You will feel all the better for it.

Ever hear that saying “nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels” it is very true. Set yourself goals and when you reach them then reward yourself. You won’t regret it.  Now maybe I should heed this advice myself.

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