Five Awesome Things To Do in Paris That Cost Feck All

Top Paris AttractionsTop Attractions to Visit While on a Trip to Paris

Following our top deal yesterday on an amazing weekend away for mothers day, or just for the hey if you feel like it, here are our suggestions for the top things to do while in gay Parieee.

Now most people will be expecting the Eiffel Tower to be on this list and while it is a top attraction, if you have the time, I wouldn’t hold too much weight on going to it. In fact if you didn’t go near it at all you wouldn’t miss out on too much, it looks exactly the same as it does in pictures. It is no real exhilarating   experience. Though my ex did get stoned beside it, he thought that was pretty cool…if you’re into that kinda thing. Basilique-du-sacre-coeur-de-Montmartre-hill-Paris-France

  • Basilica of the Sacre Coeur- It is a church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I know you are probably thinking what the feck would I go there for but seriously it is something. It is a real hive of activity a cool, chilled out hub where people sit around the steps basking in the atmosphere. You might be lucky to see some street performances along the bottom of the huge steps be careful to avoid the bracelet pushers. You are walking along and boom before you know it you have a bracelet on your hand and are forking out a tenner. Ok I’m not selling this very well. When you reach the top and go inside it is an experience like no other, it is like time stops as you soak in the church, light a candle, have a look around and just stand still for a second. I know some of the most unholiest of folk who went here and all shared the same experience. Once you are back outside you can see Paris for miles, the view is breathtaking and you can see the Eiffel Tower from there.Paris Style Hot Dogs
  • French Cuisine- When you go back down the steps of the Sacre Coeur there is a little cafe on the corner that sells the most amazing hot dogs with cheese melted all over the top.. NOM.. screw all the fancy wining and dining. Tea and a croissant that is real French. Swap the tea for wine, Magnifique! I know a guy one time who was failing his French oral he couldn’t speak a word, the examiner then said something about “Cuisine” to which he roared “OUI- CUISINE DE FRANCE”. How unfortunate. Seriously though the best thing to do is shy away from all the main streets and busiest tourist spots, number one, you will probably get robbed and number two there is no comfort they want you out as quickly as possible. Find a little bar off a side street which sells food and I guarantee it will be delicious and at half the price. Again the most important part is the wine, you will get a beaker of wine in one of these places for the same price as a glass in a more touristy area. More for your buck. Paris Walk
  • Walk- You have two legs and so far, fresh air doesn’t cost anything, so instead of using the horrid Metro use your two legs and walk around Paris. You can stop as you please, see things you never expected, veer off in the wrong direction and get completely lost in a Parisian day dream. Take in the sights and smells of the city, marvel at the wonderful buildings and picturesque scenes. I don’t know too many cities around here where you would see armed forces enforcing the law, they do in Paris! Drift along enjoy everything the city has to offer at a price you can afford, free. Paris Picnic
  • Have a Picnic- Again with the food!! But hey we are in Paris here! Most of the big attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur and Louvre have beautiful gardens surrounding them where you can sit and let the world pass you by. After a long day walking around grab some bread, cheese and wine from a nearby store (or filled baguettes from the food stalls or that trusty cheese hot dog) pull up a patch of grass and enjoy watching the hustle and bustle with no disturbance. Though I have heard of some nasty grass police who blow the shit outta their whistle of you are sitting in an un-designated grass sitting area. Some of those blades of grass are precious you know. I wouldn’t advise having a picnic around the Arc de Triomphe either, if you have ever been there you will understand it is like wacky races.Have the craic in paris
  • Have the Craic- Go in to one of the more local bars and have the craic with the people working there. You probably won’t understand a word one another is saying but CRAIC is the same in all languages and if you have enough of it then you are surely going to get a free pint and a bit of a laugh. Sure everyone loves the Irish..Don’t they?

Some things you should try to avoid

  • A drive around in the back of a Police Car- Well I suppose if you can avoid it really, then don’t do it, but it certainly is a thrill. Zooming up and down back streets sitting in the back of a cop car looking for a criminal is exciting. Though when the buzz wears off and your just left sitting in the station with no money and nowhere to go that is a bummer…

More on that tomorrow in our what NOT to do while in Paris special. Have you ever been to Paris? What was your best experience?

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