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Lose weight, feel great and get Ultratone at Chic Beauty Salon Longford

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This post is a collaboration with Chic Beauty Salon Longford. 

Finally get into the shape of your dreams by using the Ultratone at Chic Beauty Salon Longford. Since sharing my incredible weight-loss transformation, which is still continuing, I’ve had so many people contact me to ask “how and what is the Ultratone machine all about”?!

The machine works by lying down on the bed and having the attachments placed on the part of your body you need work on; for me, the tummy area. The Ultratone is body shaper which delivers brilliant and fast results. The programme is set for your needs and it then exercises over 1000 muscles per session. The results are immediate and as you can see from my own photos above, a course of ten gives excellent results.

What I liked most about using the machine was the support from Margaret and the staff at Chic who are so friendly and helpful. Margaret advised that I drink two litres of water per day, which I stuck to as it’s easy to forget to drink water. With a set food plan and full confidence in what the Ultratone could do, I knew I would succeed.

The second thing I loved about this machine was how it’s not at all time-consuming. Also, while admittedly it’s not comfortable to use, it’s a lot better than committing to a few running or gym sessions a week. I enjoyed using the machine alongside some walking in the evenings and it has worked wonders.

The series of ten sessions on the machine has not only made me lose weight, but it’s helped me GAIN confidence. I feel so much better in myself and while I’m not yet the size I want to be, I’m finally happy with who I am. And that my friends is priceless.

To find out more, contact Margaret in Chic Beauty Salon on +353 (0)43 3341536.



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