Online dating for enemies

Find your greatest enemy on an online dating site

Online enemies

image via Daithiming on Reddit. 

We have all been guilty of online dating; desperately scrolling through images of strangers, reading endless bios of likes and dislikes in the hope of finding “the one”. “Oh, they like cups of tea and walks on the beach too? It’s destiny!”.

However, all is fair in love and the internet and it is also possible to find your arch enemy, the person you hate most in the world but haven’t even met yet. That’s just what happened Reddit user Daithiming, or rather, his arch nemesis found him.

OkCupid matched the pair as 100% enemies, and only 10% match, so the user decided the best course of action would be to declare war, but ask Daithiming how best to proceed in this unusual incidence. Of course what is one to do in a situation such as this but post to Reddit!

Online dating is always going to be a bit dodgy, after all it means picking a photo of a stranger you find attractive, and mailing them to say “I like the look of you, let’s do stuff”. Except in this case two enemies have come together and now must decide how to go forward in what is sure to be a long and arduous battle.

On the plus side, at lease they don’t have to go on a few long-winded and painfully boring dates before deciding that they hate eachother. Let the battle commence.

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