The 5 Best Things About Grandparents

Top 5 reasons grandparents are awesomeTop 5 Things That Make Grandparents Awesome

Did you ever hear the saying “grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children”? What if grandparents are your reward for putting up with your parents? The poor middle guy is getting shunned here. Grandparents are a wonderful escape from the lecturing drones that parents tend to become. No matter what, a trip to the grandparents house will always cheer you up.

In no particular order here are 5 reasons why grandparents are amazing;

1. Their house is always so warm and comfortable, when you go inside you could sit down and fall asleep. Best thing is, they would actively encourage it and offer you a blanket too. Yes please.

2. They have the prettiest gardens, the home house just isn’t the same. While your parents are busy working or giving out about something, your grandparents are busy carefully preening their garden to perfection, not a blade of grass out of place. The colours which spring up from the flowers remind you of a fairy tale and they always have the best climbing trees.

3. They have the most interesting stories, even if you have heard them 5 hundred times, they tell them with such intensity as if it is their first ever time to divulge this piece of information. Maybe they have just said it so many times they have perfected how it is told.

4. Their little life lessons and quips of logic leave you with a wealth of knowledge. They have been there and done it all so when they give you their two cents, you know it is worth something. Life lessons with grandparents should be treasured and those old sayings should be remembered because they do mean something and will help you along the way.

5. Food, most definitely the best thing about grandparents is the food. No parent has mastered the art of baking and cooking the way a grandparent has. Maybe it is the years of experience, I don’t know, but boxty, apple tart, scones, fish pie, anything you can think of, your grandparents can make it best. Heck, my granny even makes Ready Break better than anyone. You will never go home hungry after a trip with the grandparents. Actually you will probably go home with an arm full of food. I always do.

If you have grandparents that are awesome, don’t forget to show them you care. Some fudge ( the diabetic kind if needs be) usually does the trick.

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