Day seven: swimming in the Sea of Galilee

Day seven we visited the River Jordan and Sea of Galilee. I didn’t sleep well the night before yet still felt so rested; the inner serenity melting any exhaustion away. At this point I felt no pain and no fatigue which is a rarity living with joint pain and chronic fatigue daily. Waking everyday with a smile, genuinely loving every moment. It’s amazing what a difference seven days can bring. 

We had a long journey today with some stops along the way. Not as walking intensive as it has been. I miss all the walking, the exercise is amazing considering the massive consumption of spectacular food. 

We set off on the bus and I really wasn’t sure where to. We had been travelling so much the days were melting into one. The first few days were at a slower pace as we were in one place. At this point we were moving daily; a new location every night. The bus journeys offered wonderful reflection time in solitude, no internet, just down time. 

We arrived at the most scenic place, surrounded by a mix of temples and an army base; such a contrast. We were at the border of Jordan. This was the place where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, in the flowing River Jordan. This place really held something special. We got off the bus and made our way down to the river. Staying for a few minutes, we all bathed our feet in the river while enjoying some really serene moments. 

On the way to Galilee, we stopped at this fantastic Roman city called Beit Shean. The ruins were so well preserved it was amazing to visit. It contained the best preserved amphitheatre in Israel. Some of the group watched a movie on the history of the city but I took the time to explore the ruins. Climbing down into the theatre was incredible; like the movie Gladiator. It was so interesting to imagine the sows which took place here. I could feel thousands of years of history right at my feet. I explored the city a bit more, the most interesting part being the public loos! A public hole in the ground as only the rich could afford private looks in their homes. Feeling grateful for a house with a toilet, laughing at modern day homes with often at least three toilets, it was hard to imagine squatting with my neighbour squatting beside me. 

The sun was blissfully shining as we continued on to our destination. We were all excited to swim in the Sea of Galilee. Dropping our bags at our fabulous guest house, we donned our swimming gear and made our way to the beach. It was more of a rocky, dusty area but incredibly beautiful. We waded out in the water until we were far enough in to swim; nobody managing the feat of walking across it! We spent a relaxing and fun hour or so at sea; chatting, swimming, floating, even some aqua aerobics. Soaking up the beauty and peacefulness of our surroundings in another truly wonderful experience filled with beauty and magic. 

Lessons from today:

Calm waters bring great serenity 

Switch off, it helps to reflect 

Age shouldn’t dull your sparkle; keep it lit 

With great faith comes great peace and joy

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