A cuppa with: Barry Jay Hughes

A cuppa with Barry Jay Hughes

Barry Jay Hughes Musician

A singer-songwriter from Monaghan, Barry Jay Hughes has been touring the country in recent months, growing a steady fan-base as he goes along.

Having played alongside Paddy Casey, Brendan Mc Cahey, Sephira, Jack L and Hudson Taylor, Barry’s reputation as a talented performer is spreading.

With his powerful voice, catchy lyrics and exceptional stage presence, Barry is definitely one to watch over the next while.

To begin the Ceol Caint “A Cuppa With” series, Barry and I had a chat and a cuppa in The Gibson Hotel…on the balcony of The Gibson Suite; we are high-rollers after all. The sun was out, we shared a lot of laughs and a cup of tea…literally.

Check it out on mixcloud:

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