A Cuppa With: Hvmmingbyrd

Rachel from Ceol Caint met Debo from Hvmmingbyrd for a cuppa and a catch up

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Hvmmingbyrd have undergone major line-up changes since we first met for a cuppa.

Having gone from a full band to a duo has not altered their sound, and the addition of Suzette Das has proved fruitful for the act.

With their synth alt-pop sound, they have recently started garnishing recognition for their quality music. In fact, having released two singles and two cover videos in six months, it’s safe to say they’re rising to new heights and becoming well-known beyond their already established name within the Irish music scene.

Debo and I met for a cuppa, discussing all things Hvmmingbyrd, how far they’ve come, what’s next and how people need to stop treating girl musicians as a novelty…it’s 2016 for feck sake!!!

Have a listen:

Check out If Love Was Enough:

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