A Cuppa With: King Kong Company

An interview with Colin from King Kong Company

King Kong Company

Since the release of their self-titled album, King Kong Company have proved they have nothing to prove. Having garnered a solid reputation on the live circuit over the past twenty years, they finally released an album into the ether.

Their album received undisputed critical acclaim, with everyone from Lofty in Ceol Caint to Nialler9, The Last Mixed Tape and Hot Press praising it as a resounding success. It proved that when things are done right, they are worth waiting for and if we never hear another album from KKC, this released proved to be timeless perfection.

King Kong Company are an act that won’t leave your mindset once you see them. With an eclectic show including dancing monkeys, a tracky wearing cardboard box head dancer and the most powerful performance you can imagine, it’s nothing if not memorable.

If you don’t know who they are, you’re missing out. If you think you don’t like them it’s just because you’ve never seen them. If you’re wondering what to do tomorrow night, Friday, September 30, get down to the Academy on Abbey Street to see Cut Once and King Kong Company blow you mind.

I met with Colin, the trumpet player in the band, ahead of the gig, for a cuppa and a chat about everything they’ve been up to. Have a listen:

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