A Cuppa With: Luke Clerkin

An interview and a cuppa with Luke Clerkin

Luke Clerkin

Fast becoming Dublin’s sweetheart, and king of the open mic scene, Luke Clerkin is steadily making a name for himself.

Dedicated, hard working and very much in love with his craft, Luke brings an innocence and passion to the table very rarely seen.

Always open to helping others, with a big heart and a vision of greater things for everyone, Luke is a rare gem.

Having played almost 300 gigs in 2015, followed by his debut single release in 2016, he’s growing from strength to strength, learning every leg of the way.

He recently recored a live EP, which marks another milestone in his journey. Also, having been booked for YouBloom LA, it won’t be long before his story is an international one.

Luke and I have been friends for about a year now, actually I have no recollection of how we first met. He’s a great soul, and a sweet musician, so it was a pleasure to join him for a cuppa.

Have a listen to “A Cuppa With: Luke Clerkin”:

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